Monday, June 9, 2014



I left my blog for one month.
No entry.
No visits.
It's not that I'm getting bored with it.
Just my life during that month is kind of bored.

Seriously bored?
Just things that I dont want to share here.
Bad things that I'd done.
Very bad till I dont know myself anymore.
Was it really me doing it.
Or was it someone else that using my body and my mind to do such things.

Now I am moving to a new phase of my life.
Love life.
The first step into that dream life has been taken.
The first step seems easy and simple.
And I think I'd done it beautifully.
Just some error here and there that I managed to top up later.
Now I'm trying to bring us to the next step.
Not me.
Its us.
We are trying to bring this relationship to the next phase.
I hope this process wont take too much time.
I dont want to put too much hope.
The longer it takes to reach the next phase the higher my hope.
I dont want to fall and break.
I just wanna fall in love and there he will wait for me to catch me and save me from breaking.