Friday, October 17, 2014



Emak kata...itu, ini.
Emak memang tak pernah kalau sehari tak bagi nasihat.
Tapi aku ni naughty child.
I didn't always follow apa yang mak cakap.
The teenage me, hemm the adult me think I can decide on my own.
No need to consider what parents thoughts for me.
I always know they think it's best for me.
However I choose to choose.
Not to follow.
Even sometimes I know the thing I chose is bad.
I stick to my decision to choose.

I am the one yang akan walk through my life ni.
Good or bad consequences its all depend on my choice.
I choose to experience things I like.
I choose to experience things that I want.
I choose to be happy as I am now.
I don't always think about what will happen later.
My future is still in dim.
I choose YOU.
I hope my choice is right.

And I am sorry mak, abah.
Sebab kadang2 tak berjaya ikut apa yang abah ngan mak nak.
Tapi I will always try and make out the best from all my choice,
I will try.

Akal dan minda bila dah kalah kita kena tanya hati.
Tapi kalau hati tu bersih lah.