Wednesday, September 16, 2015



Have you ever heard this word before?
A picture says a thousand stories more than words can describe.
Yes, indeed this quote is very true.
Nowadays people always share almost everything on the net.
Words, pictures, videos.
Name any type of file or anything.
Everything can be shared.
Sadly, some of them tend to be sharing things that are not true.
To get back to my point about the picture telling stories, here it goes.

For example.
The picture of a kid crying.

What can you tell from this picture?
His mother scolded him?
His mother won't allow him to eat?
And the list is growing because of every person on earth has their own imagination.

So from the very moment the picture is posted, a thousand kind of stories being made up.
The real story is only known by the picture uploader and the person in the picture itself.

We can see that many stories being shared in Facebook.
Some of them are very crappy but yet people still believe,
If the news is posted together with pictures, people will start to create their own story based on the picture.
It is not that we can't believe stories and news spread in Facebook.
It is just that we need to choose.
Don't go out there and create story on your own, by solely based on a few pictures,
We may not get hurt or inflicted by the stories we made but please think about others.

That is all.
Just some words and thoughts from my not so bright brain.

Picture from here.