Monday, July 14, 2014

WE #2

Salam Isnin~

Hearing your voice makes me happy.
When my mood is down I need to hear you.
Cehh..padahal tak down pon nak je.
Now I understand the word 'rindu'.
Selama ni cakap rindu parents, rindu kawan, rindu the environment.
But this 'rindu' is totally different.
It's just like killing me from inside.
Missing you to that point.
You said don't call.
Don't talk.
Only text is allowed.
Dah macam dalam library.

You know what.
Texting is not enough.
Sometime I went to my brain archive to search for your sweet voice.
Try to relate your voice to the circumstances that I'm going through.
Dah macam psiko kan?
However that's what I do.
When I really in need to hear you.
When I know you are busy with your work.
When you are busy with your life.
When you don't have the time to even look at your phone and text me or call me.
Yeah, that's what I do.
Psycho me!

Later when you have time....
You repay for every time that you don't have for me.
You did what I want you to do.
You said what I want you to say.
You stay with me when I want you to stay.
That is why I love you.

But, but, but...
You said yourself you missed me.
You said at night when you are free from work you will be thinking of me.
Why don't you just text me and said that to me.
Even I'll be sleeping at that time.
Your text will definitely make my day brighter for the next day.

Am I too selfish?
To just love is not easy I think.
I must not think only about myself.
This time it is not just me but we.
It's US.
So US it will be.



Friday, July 11, 2014

WE #1

Salam Jumaat~

First post pasal kami.
Actually dah ada dah before ni, just ni yang first aku bubuh number.

Experiencing this so called love at the age of 24 is kind of hurmmmm..
First time to try everything.
First time rasa macam2.
Dulu2 aku tertanye-tanye macam mana rasanye bercinta.
Sekarang aku rasa.
Cuma our short perkenalan ni buat aku wondering.
Am I doing the right thing?
Is everything that we did ni betul2 cinta?

He said don't think too much.
When it happen it happen.
Jangan beratkan kepala pikir pasal perkara yang belum jadi.
Just enjoy the feel sekarang.
Hope kita berjaya.
Bukan lah sebijik dia cakap macam tu.
Cuma dalam pikiran aku, itulah yang aku dapat translate.

Maybe sebab first time aku rasa suka kat orang sampai macam ni.
Aku nak dia pay attention kat aku je.
I want him to reply my whatsapp everytime I text him.
I want to hear his voice everyday.
I want to know what he is doing every second.
Ops, too extreme, every minutes kot.
But, but, but...
He's a busy man.
I know that.
I try to be an understanding partner.
I always said takpe I know U are busy.
Deep inside me I feel the kind of feeling yang macam ngada2 tu.

Jadi buat masa sekarang aku try to make my feeling ni simple sikit.
Rule number one yang aku kena letak because of our long distance relationship.
When it happen it happen.
Jadi ke tak jadi it's fated.
Cuma mestilah sakit kan kalau tak jadi.
Cuz I already put my heart too high that I can't reach dah kalau nak turunkan elok2.
Pray, trust in God's plan.
Dia tahu apa yang terbaik...
Enjoying this sweet2 moments.



Wednesday, July 9, 2014



Last 19th June I went to Genting to do some business.
It was quite a 'wonderful' experience and memory.
However I promised myself not to do such thing again.
"Just nak rasa".
That was my alasan and dia gave me the experience that I want.
Genting is still under renovation.
The view up there is not so nice.
Jalan got holes here and there.
Lorries, I mean big lorries can be seen anywhere.
Even at the top view is not so eye-pleasing but the view from the top is still breathtaking.

Kabus yang tebal in the morning.
Macam berjalan dalam awan.
The cold air just like the air during my trip to Korea.
Minus the view of course.
If the renovation completed later, I think I want to spend another night there.
(With my beloved..ha.ha.ha...)

Like right now I don't have any plans.
No short term goals.
So I find myself wandering.
My mind wandering.
My body and soul also wandering.
Only my heart is sticking to one place.

Bulan Ramadhan yang penuh barakah ini sepatutnye aku isi dengan something yang berfaedah.
Something that can fill my day so that my fasting will not be 'tin kosong'.
Tapi I don't manage to fill it with anything yet.
Last week my alasan is oncall.
This week?
No alasan but still not doing anything that should be done.

Sejak beberape hari ni aku asyik buat ultrasound cases dengan tidak bagusnya.
Sometimes I feel like Dr is having his eyes on me.
Not in a pleasant way, macam he's going to scold or remind me of my bad performance.
I am not afraid.
It's just that I feel not comfortable with that kind of feeling.
Feeling guilty?
Huh!! Working in diagnostic field is important.
If I missed or giving wrong information about the patient, imagine what would happen.
I am not a student anymore.
It is my responsibility that I need to carry on my own.
Not my senior or colleague yang akan galas my mistakes.
That's why I wish to move out from this field.
(Macamlah yang lain tak ada responsibility)
I think it will be better if my mistakes didn't cause a life to be at stake.
"So don't make mistakes until you find other jobs".
Keep reminding myself everyday.

Enough blabbering.
Me is at KCDC and updating my blog.